Are you caught in Stuckage?  or  Your life doesn’t have to Stuck

Are you caught in Stuckage? or Your life doesn’t have to Stuck

Are you caught in Stuckage?  or  “Your life doesn’t have to Stuck”
Spoonbenders Cafe One Command Audio Gift
You know that place of frustration and stagnation where you have been itching to move forward, meaning to make change, want to express something, live your dream, make a difference but somehow it never happens?  
That’s Stuckage.
Or maybe you keep trying to get things off the ground but it seems to be more false starts and detours just adding to the unease and confusion?  
That’s Stuckage.
Maybe you are convinced you are not ready and you keep following shiny objects and teachers, on the lookout for the next thing, next training that will bring you the missing piece? 
That may look like progress but really…… that’s Stuckage.
Stuckage sucks the creative force right out of you.  Saps your confidence, steals your motivation and shuts down your connection to higher guidance.
It doesn’t have to be that hard. I know the hard road. I’ve walked it for many years. I’ve actually sat down in the middle of the road and cried in frustration many times
I have also found the path where it feels like 
the ground just rises up to meet you and each step is the right step – because no step is a mis-step.  
It can be an elusive path and tricky to follow.  It takes some practice and dedication and a good guidance system.  You have to keep choosing the easy path -which ironically is not so easy.
It’s the difference between living your life as a struggle against conditions or transforming it into a journey of grace and ease.
Sometimes all it takes is a little shift in perspective; a small tweak in the story you are telling yourself to get out of the struggle.
Unfortunately, that’s not where most of us spend most of our time.
Where do you get caught or discouraged or disappointed into inaction or even feeling like you are always 2 steps forward, 1 step back?
I want to give you a gift of this free audio.  It’s a tool, a map of sorts to
take you on a journey to help you get unstuck, lighten your step and tap into your wisdom.  
You will discover your capacity for limitless possibility and connect with assistance from higher realms.  Go through and listen once or make it a daily habit.
Sign up below to get your free download.
Take the journey, you really do only need 10 minutes.
Then, I invite you, actually I encourage you, tol tell me how it went and schedule a FREE 15 minute session with me to tailor the process to you and your specific challenges.
That’s it – no strings, no catch.
What have you got to lose? 
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3 Ways to Feel Better Without Changing a Thing

3 Ways to Feel Better Without Changing a Thing

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In this video I explain three super simple tips you can use right away
for living a happier life within yourself.
If you get really good at it (and it isn’t very hard) you might just start whistling or smiling more than usual and who knows where that might lead.

The only real requirement – You’ve got to want to.  
Seriously if you’re going about your day and your inner critic jumps up and smacks you in the forehead,
or you’re walking down the aisle with your shopping cart and list and you suddenly realize:
You left the house with your cranky pants on!

The solution is as simple as a shift in attitude.  It will work. But you’ve actually got to be willing to let go of the mood or the judgement and even your inner critic’s righteousness that makes you feel like you ought to be mad or cranky or hard on yourself in the first place.  


You’ve probably heard the joke -How many transformational life-coaches does it take to change a lightbulb?

Only one but it’s really got to want to change.
Of course, in this case it is really the lightbulb that changes itself.
it is good to have some help though.

I’d love to hear what you think of this video and whether you have any lightbulbs go off for you 
as you watch,
Inspirational Humorist, Coach and SpoonBender
Inviting Change,
Inspiring Happiness

If you want to learn how to bend a spoon visit:

Show Up, Be You, Share the Gift You Are

Show Up, Be You, Share the Gift You Are

What are you doing in your business to Show Up ,Be You and share what you truly came here to?

Are you one of those heart-centered soulpreneurs like me, who feel like you came here on a mission to share what you’ve got to share with a wide audience but somehow are still hiding, like me last year?

Who know they have a big purpose in being here now but instead of shouting it from the virtual rooftops, you’re hanging around on the edges just barely visible?
That was me for the last five years or so.

Or maybe you’re standing out there courageously in plain sight with your special gifts and talents, like I was doing last year only to find that many of the folks around you don’t really “get you,” don’t see how what you have could serve, transform, delight or inspire them?
And here we are still bursting at the seams, frustrated having so much to offer and so few to serve.

I know I haven’t been found by a crowd of people who are actively searching for what I have to share.

I’ve been too insecure, not ready, not trained enough, too busy feeling like I didn’t know enough, offer enough, my stuff wasn’t professional-looking enough, and on and on.

Long story short, I was nervous and getting in my own way. I wasn’t taking the actions I needed to be seen and known.

That was then, this is now.

Here’s what I just did:

I joined the “Divinely Connected Business Giveaway”.

I have actually joined before I want to be part of something that says Divine and Business in the same sentence I didn’t ever submit anything to be given away though. Why? See list of reasons above.

This time it’s different. How do I know?

I’m actually giving something away . I’ve already written the description and submitted my first gift. There will be two more this week and I’m excited!

When approached step by step and setting aside the belief that it was too complicated, I managed to figure out the first one in a few hours. The next 2 gifts will be set up even quicker.

I know a number of the other contributors and one of the owner/promoters and I feel confident in saying there is a lot good energy, high vibes, integrity and potential here.

What do you think? Do you want to join me on this journey as lightworkers, soulpreneurs stepping out into well,the light?

Here’s my link to the vendor side

It is free to participate.
Each business gets a distinct link (like mine below) with the potential

to earn commissions in a few different ways.

More info for business owners about this giveaway here:

When am I gonna start calling out to the world about my calling?

This post is both a story in my own evolution as a heart-centered business owner and

an invitation to join me in this joint venture.

What’s a giveaway? It’s an online event where healers, teachers, leaders, authors and more pool together to reach a much greater audience that any could or would on their own.
Everyone is contributing a free downloadable gift – an ebook or audio or a free call or past webinar and way more. Rest assured, nobody is selling or sharing their mailing list. Everybody is announcing and promoting the giveaway to their own audience.
So my peeps, plus your peeps, plus some folks who have thousands of peeps are all putting the word out to people who would very likely be interested, eager even to get to know what you do and how you serve.

So that’s on the biz building side.
It is free to participate.
Each business gets a distinct link (like mine below) with the potential to earn commissions in a variety of ways.

More info for business owners about this giveaway here:

One the other side as a visitor:

you get free access to a phenomenal collection of wisdom, talent, resources from all these cool healers, teachers, leaders, authors, soul-preneurs and heart-centered business owners.

I have been the happy recipient in a number of these events so I know the kind of quality and value that people are generally offering.

I usually wind up opting in to a bunch of these gifts at once since there’s a limited time frame to get them. Afterwards, I can check out the offerings, visit their websites or fb groups. If I find I’m not really interested after all or it doesn’t feel like a match of personality or program, there’s always the unsubscribe button.

Basically, I think giveaways like this are really cool and a benefit for all involved.

Here’s a bit more about my story and this giveaway:

I’ve been wanting to be a contributor to one of these giveaway events

for a few years now. I even signed up several times as a contributor to several of them on the free and most limited level – so there was not much to lose except some hope that this time I’d really get it done.

I never got any thing off the ground. It was discouraging to keep planning to then not, gonna do it this time, then not. Partly, I wasn’t ready to be seen to that degree, partly the list of techy to-dos in order to deliver my “gift” was daunting. Partly I was more used to wishing I would do it and that my business, my heart-work would take off and support me and less used to stepping into a crowd of interested people and seeing what would happen next.

Well, this time a business mentor and coach recommended this same event and I decided that this time I would get support, get ready and get over wishing and I signed up – as a paying participant and I’m going forward and I won’t look back.

So, I’m in, I’m doing it and here’s some of what I expect to get in the process:

To get past the places I hold myself back

To get comfortable explaining what it is I do for my clients.

To step out and reach more people; a wider audience of folks who are actually looking for practitioners, service providers like ME.

To build a list of people who want to know when I announce things to like my upcoming spoonbending webinars, classes and coaching programs and more.

Email lists are still one of the most effective and least costly ways to get your message out.

The Divinely Connected Biz event makes it possible to join together with other folks with a tiny biz and a tiny mailing list or even no list and mix it up with the bigger biz folks who already have a a large following. We all benefit from exposure to a wider audience and a great selection of gifts for the visitors.

I know it’s possible I could get 1000 or more new subscribers to my newsletter but honestly
if this event help me increase the size of my list to over 200 (Currently about 48) I would be happy with the results.

I’ve been holding webinars, teaching people to bend spoons, talking about self-love, shifting mindsets and a lot more. When I share the webinar through my own connections honestly, I think only several dozen people ever wind up seeing it.

I feel frustrated that I have so much to offer and not enough audience to offer it to.

A few months ago I gave a talk/demonstration about spoon bending to a small business group. Most of the time when I share this I get a lot of enthusiasm and curiosity and interaction. This time though, I got silence and blank stares from nearly everyone in the group. Despite being a little nervous and not my best presentation, the disconnect really was that I was talking to people who didn’t really want what I had, didn’t really “get” where I was coming from. You know what I mean? That was uncomfortable and one of those “never again” sort of situations.

Moving past obstacles, real and perceived.

When the student I (me) is ready, the teacher appears. I’m jumping in with both feet and let all of the experience that is to come be my teacher. Imperfect action is a lot more effective than inaction. Better done than none.

I’m ready to “show up ,step out and share my skills to a much bigger circle of people; people who showed up because of the word “divine” rather than in spite of it; spiritually minded, clients, customers, new friends who will “get me” and what I’m sharing. I’m ready to give and ready to be “gotten.”

I know one of the promoters and quite a few of the contributing partners so I’m confident about the integrity of the event and the honest useful offerings that will be made.

One of the ways I help to make this a successful venture is to let other cool business owners know that this even exists. Joining is by invitation only and I’m specifically calling out to other tiny biz owners like me;

self-employed lightworkers, artists, visionaries

who want to make a difference;

soulpreneurs whose businesses are also their calling,

who really want to share what we’ve got and make a living doing it.

So, consider yourself invited.

There’s still time to be a part of this and get the to-dos done.

If you’re interested but it feels too daunting there is some good support from the creators of the event. I’m willing to lend a hand too to help you figure things out.

Here’s my link to more info.

Don’t wait too long.

Check it out right now because if you decide you want to jump in having more time to set your offers up is better

If you do choose to sign up to one of the paid levels – I will earn a commission on that, no cost to you.
Just so you know.

As far as getting access to all the awesome gifts, the event goes live March 5 and runs until March 31. Anyone can join the public giveaway to visit the site full of offerings and choose any or all that you want.

I will let you know about how to sign up for that as we get closer.

P.S.If you want to get in on my first gift before the giveaway gets started, click on the pic below.

Creating an energetic buffer zone

Creating an energetic buffer zone


Learn to create a “quiet zone” at will.
The Blue Bubble Technique is one of my favorite tools because it is so simple and effective.  My students are often surprised at how easy it is to do feel a big difference right from the very first time they use it.  
Learn to power up a blue bubble of clarity and peace no matter what is going on around you.

If you are a highly sensitive person chances are you can’t help but be aware of and affected by energies, noise, emotional “static” when you’re out in the world. 

The blue bubble technique is perfect for stress relief and for holding a space where you can hear yourself think, sense your own feelings instead of being bombarded by everyone else’s.


A little more about it this meditation:

The Blue Bubble Visualization is such a simple and game-changing tool for managing your energy and the energies around you.  I learned from my teacher, who learned it from one of her teachers.  Like a game of Telephone, this blue bubble tool has evolved over time with variations and adaptations I’ve woven into it as I’ve presented it, explained it, guided various people through it.

This visualization can be a wonderful timeout and way to settle and quiet your nervous system down.  It is also an introduction to using the tool itself as an energetic field or shield available on demand that you can pop up, turn on, expand, engage as needed wherever, whenever you needed.

It can be a really powerful yet simple tool to help highly sensitive folks create an energetic buffer zone around them to limit input, stress and overstimulation.  It can also be very empowering to realize you can set energetic boundaries and make adjustments  to what amount of stimulus is “getting in” to your energetic sphere. You can also adjust what you are putting out, but that will be a different post.