Learn to create a “quiet zone” at will.
The Blue Bubble Technique is one of my favorite tools because it is so simple and effective.  My students are often surprised at how easy it is to do feel a big difference right from the very first time they use it.  
Learn to power up a blue bubble of clarity and peace no matter what is going on around you.

If you are a highly sensitive person chances are you can’t help but be aware of and affected by energies, noise, emotional “static” when you’re out in the world. 

The blue bubble technique is perfect for stress relief and for holding a space where you can hear yourself think, sense your own feelings instead of being bombarded by everyone else’s.


A little more about it this meditation:

The Blue Bubble Visualization is such a simple and game-changing tool for managing your energy and the energies around you.  I learned from my teacher, who learned it from one of her teachers.  Like a game of Telephone, this blue bubble tool has evolved over time with variations and adaptations I’ve woven into it as I’ve presented it, explained it, guided various people through it.

This visualization can be a wonderful timeout and way to settle and quiet your nervous system down.  It is also an introduction to using the tool itself as an energetic field or shield available on demand that you can pop up, turn on, expand, engage as needed wherever, whenever you needed.

It can be a really powerful yet simple tool to help highly sensitive folks create an energetic buffer zone around them to limit input, stress and overstimulation.  It can also be very empowering to realize you can set energetic boundaries and make adjustments  to what amount of stimulus is “getting in” to your energetic sphere. You can also adjust what you are putting out, but that will be a different post.  

One note in general about “visualizations” – they are not necessarily visual for everyone.  We all perceive, receive, imagine in our own ways.  You may see images as I lead you through this meditation, the sense of expansion and quiet may be more connected to your hearing.  You may find new or different thoughts coming up, or old thoughts leaving or less thinking “traffic” overall.  You may just listen and not notice any of those things. The experience is unique for each person and I encourage you to make it so.  If you don’t like blue – make it a different color.  If the idea of a bubble doesn’t quite gel for you – make something up that does.
It doesn’t matter what it is so much as it matters that it suits you, feels right and works.

I hope you find it as helpful as it has been for me and many of my students.  I’d love to hear how it goes for you. You can comment below or email me at
If you would like to  find some additional ways to make life as a highly sensitive  being feel more like a gift and a superpower than a vulnerable and overwhelming fragility, I’d be happy to schedule a free 15 minute session to hear what your particular difficulties are and offer  any tools, and insights I can.