Hey Folks,
Can you believe it’s September?  This summer went by super fast for me.  How about you?  

Right as everything might be getting more hectic
Is a great time to take a breath and learn to bend a spoon. I know it might seem pretty frivolous at first glance but if you look a little deeper you’ll see why I suggest it.

When I’m teaching how to bend a spoon there’s a whole lot of other teaching and demonstrating going on.  What you are learning about and experiencing as you work with your spoon is how to find your own groove, your own zone of possibilities.  It’s a place or rather a state of mind where what would normally seem difficult, even impossible can be approached with a light heart and accomplished with ease.
So think about it.  Is there anything in your daily life, tasks, job, household that just feels hard?
Stuff you feel exhausted by, things you even dread having to do?

One of the things you are practicing when you attempt spoon bending is to drop the emotional baggage, the patterns, belief and the story of how it’s too hard, your too tired, there’s not enough time, etc.


To bend a spoon you step into the moment without story.
You step in with intention, focus, attention and a desire while not holding onto or holding out for a specific outcome.The result? You bend the spoon.
So say you’re late for work and traffic is thick and you’re getting upset and maybe annoyed with yourself and/or those around you.  That kind of state is what helps hold that vibe and bring it with you into the next moment and the next and the next.
The spoonbender state says,  “Here I am in traffic, I don’t know how this is going to go.  I wonder if it’s possible to get to work on time? I wonder if I can get clear of this traffic? I’d like to be moving along and flowing easily toward my destination.  At least, I can let go of the story that it’s bad or wrong or something.
Can you feel yourself relax a little bit with a different inner dialogue?
We are energy, everything around us is energy.  And all energy vibrates at various frequencies.
As we vibrate and hum at a certain frequency the world around us vibrates in response to match our what we are sending out.
So, it’s really no surprise that the more you create a relaxed, comfortable state of being for yourself it encourages the environment around you to match and relax too.
Those kinds of changes can be hard to track. Even if you notice a sudden clearing around you – it can be hard to believe there was a correlation.
That’s where the spoon bending experience comes in.  You can track that.  You can correlate your state of mind with the state of the spoon.  You can feel a shift in yourself at the same time you are able to shift the spoon.
See what I mean? That’s why I teach people to bend spoons – because you already can and do bend all sorts of stuff in life but you don’t necessarily know it and don’t really take charge of it.  Bending by default.
So what if you took this spoon bending / mind bending example to heart and start to pay closer attention to what you are saying to yourself through the day. About yourself, about the people around you, about life?  What if you changed your tune to a different vibration and then watched to see what happened next?
What if you started doing this and seeing changes?  And because you saw it and felt it yourself bending your spoon – you can know and trust that
what you are noticing “out there” really does have something to do with what you’ve got going on “in here”
I hope you’ll join me for the next live webinar this Wednesday evening 7pm PST.
If you can’t make it live there will be a replay available.
It’s pretty cool to be there live together though so do come if you can.
If you found what I’ve written here valuable, inspiring, useful I would really appreciate you sharing it with others.
Happy to be here and now,
I’ll be glad to see you later.
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