It was extremely fun and I think it was good for me in the sense that it showed me I could do stuff even if I thought it was really hard and I couldn’t do it. It showed me that I could and I felt really good about that. It felt really really good. It felt like I was lifted from everything bad, almost. It felt like great amazingness when I was in the process of bending it.

Berry - Age 8

At first, it was difficult and frustrating because I couldn’t do it. But then as soon as I did it once, it felt like I could do it another time and another time and another time and it was really fun once I was able to do it. It was easy once you started. It felt like a hard object at first before I bent the spoon. Then as I bent the spoon it felt 20 times weaker and then it just went flop and I could bend it. I felt very accomplished.

Duncan - Age 10

Miché is a warm and engaging teacher who makes learning accessible and enjoyable. In the workshop I took with her, I felt comfortable asking questions and sharing both my successes and frustrations. What I really appreciated about Miché’s approach was the underlying meaning of what we were learning. In my case, it wasn’t just about how to bend spoons, but how we could take that knowledge and experience and use it in the rest of our lives to live more deeply and confidently.

Joanna Bartlett

Rev., Eugene Spiritualist Medium

Spoon bending requires focusing on possibility, allowance and ease.
Bend spoon/bend life.
I hope you’ll join me for this free life-changing event.

Are you ready to discover what is really possible? We are divine beings of love, energy and light and we have the ability to create and shape our reality. Using intention, attention and focus we can learn to bend spoons and then use that same technique bend reality.
It’s surprisingly simple.  Some people bend their spoon during the seminar, some take a while longer to find their “groove”.  Either way it’s a great exercise in mindful awareness, paying attention to what you say to yourself and what limiting beliefs you hold; even if you think you’ve worked on all of that already.

Spoon bending is about stepping into possibility.  Like fire-walking you will go beyond what you thought you were capable of physically and mentally. Unlike fire-walking it doesn’t take nearly as long to psych yourself up and is not nearly as potentially dangerous as walking across hold coals and  we won’t need paramedics or insurance.
Here’s a short video of spoon bending in progress.

Hope to see you there!!!