Welcome to the Spoonbenders Cafe

I’m Miché Meizner

Chief Spoonbending Barista and Transformation Coach.
Offering up Wisdom and Woo since 2002

I’m on a mission to save the world and I’m doing it one teaspoon at a time, working with women one to one and in groups as a coach, healer and mentor.
I guide and support women on their spiritual journey to heal and grow into deeper self-love, activate their superpowers and step into the confidence and power required to BE the gift they came here to BE.

I teach people to bend spoons using their minds and hands to realize how much power and influence we each have in our lives, in our environment and in the world.

I was given a Divine Download by non-physical Healing Guides – to develop a process of Galactic Alignment – for lightworkers, healers and women on a mission; a cosmic energetic clearing and life purpose attunement to fully engage your creative, healed version of your being.


Why Bend a Spoon?

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Personal Transformation

Helping you unwrap the gift you came here to be

Cosmic Attunement

Galactic Energetic Alignment
To Be Your Greatest Self