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Miche Meizner Certified life coach, group leader and spoonbender

Welcome to the SpoonBenders Cafe
A gathering place for inquisitive souls and agents of change.

Do you know you are a divine being having a human experience?
Do you know what you are meant to do or be?
Do you feel that you are alive at this time for a greater purpose?

I’m so glad you found your way here.

I’m Miché Meizner,  
Self-Love and Super-Powers Mentor, Chief Spoonbender,
Certified Life Coach,Teacher,Guide and Energy Worker.
 My mission is to help you see yourself in a more loving light in order to shine as the gift you truly are.
I know that loving, respecting and accepting who you are, is the surest way to connect with your Higher Self.
I’ve learned through my own journeys and struggles that self-love and acceptance can be hard to come by.
I’m here with tools, training and insights to help you awaken to the truth of who you are.
Are you ready to discover what is really possible? We are divine beings of love, energy and light.  YOU have the ability to create and shape your reality. Using intention, attention and focus you can learn to bend spoons and then use that same technique to bend reality.


As I learned from spoon bending, amazing things can occur when you apply intention, attention and practice and combine it with holding a vision for the direction you want to go. 
Learn how to achieve more than you ever thought was possible
more easily than you can imagine.  Change your world one moment at a time and 
change the world one teaspoon at a time!
Miche!! I absolutely had to reach out. I work with energy, I journey, I meet with people’s souls, I talk to angels and guides. That stuff has always been easy. What I tell myself is that it is hard for me to manifest on this earth plane, in this physical body.
I watched your video, and could totally feel my energy shifting and couldn’t believe I bent the spoon. It was a damn thick spoon too. I actually thought I shouldn’t use such a solid, thick spoon!
I cried afterwards. I actually cried that I was able to bend the spoon. It was so epic and life altering. Then my husband got home and wanted to see so I picked up another super thick spoon that wouldn’t budge. I bent it.
He unbended it. He is a body-builder. Huge muscles. Lifts weights everyday of his life, since he was 15. He struggled to bend it back. His muscles were flexed like nothing and he hurt his hand.
Miche. This really is life-changing. Thank you so much.
With love and light,
Hedy MacDonald