Are you caught in Stuckage?  or  “Your life doesn’t have to Stuck”
Spoonbenders Cafe One Command Audio Gift
You know that place of frustration and stagnation where you have been itching to move forward, meaning to make change, want to express something, live your dream, make a difference but somehow it never happens?  
That’s Stuckage.
Or maybe you keep trying to get things off the ground but it seems to be more false starts and detours just adding to the unease and confusion?  
That’s Stuckage.
Maybe you are convinced you are not ready and you keep following shiny objects and teachers, on the lookout for the next thing, next training that will bring you the missing piece? 
That may look like progress but really…… that’s Stuckage.
Stuckage sucks the creative force right out of you.  Saps your confidence, steals your motivation and shuts down your connection to higher guidance.
It doesn’t have to be that hard. I know the hard road. I’ve walked it for many years. I’ve actually sat down in the middle of the road and cried in frustration many times
I have also found the path where it feels like 
the ground just rises up to meet you and each step is the right step – because no step is a mis-step.  
It can be an elusive path and tricky to follow.  It takes some practice and dedication and a good guidance system.  You have to keep choosing the easy path -which ironically is not so easy.
It’s the difference between living your life as a struggle against conditions or transforming it into a journey of grace and ease.
Sometimes all it takes is a little shift in perspective; a small tweak in the story you are telling yourself to get out of the struggle.
Unfortunately, that’s not where most of us spend most of our time.
Where do you get caught or discouraged or disappointed into inaction or even feeling like you are always 2 steps forward, 1 step back?
I want to give you a gift of this free audio.  It’s a tool, a map of sorts to
take you on a journey to help you get unstuck, lighten your step and tap into your wisdom.  
You will discover your capacity for limitless possibility and connect with assistance from higher realms.  Go through and listen once or make it a daily habit.
Sign up below to get your free download.
Take the journey, you really do only need 10 minutes.
Then, I invite you, actually I encourage you, tol tell me how it went and schedule a FREE 15 minute session with me to tailor the process to you and your specific challenges.
That’s it – no strings, no catch.
What have you got to lose? 
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