The empowering truth as told to myself, by myself

I have struggled with deep depression for most of my life.   I always felt I had a mission and I always felt I was falling short. I judged myself mercilessly.  I was never enough.  Going to bed at night meant facing the flaws and faults I hadn't been able to erase or...

Spoonbending How To Sunday August 14

Register for the August 14th Webinar HERE We  create and shape the world in and around us with our thoughts and beliefs and the vibes we send out. Each of us has our own unique awareness, wisdom and experience to share with the world.  My goal in this workshop is to...

Spoonbending – Aug. 6

This spoon bending webinar went a little deeper than the previous training.  I started off talking with folks who had previously bent spoons.  There is a walk through of the process and lots of discussion about how and why and a surprising accomplishment at the end!

What Else Is Possible?

What else is possible? What are we already capable of doing and being that we just don't know? Stay curious and wonder rather than accept and assume limitation. We're are spiritual beings having a human experience. It doesn't have to be hard.

Bending Reality

As I learned from spoon bending, amazing things can occur when you apply intention, attention and practice and combine it with holding a vision for the direction you want to go. That's basically how I went from struggling to discover my path and  my abilities to...