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One Command Session – Stepping Into Your Own Authority

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Stepping Into Your Own Authority

by Miche Meizner | One Command Sessions

 One Command Session – Stepping Into Your Own Authority

This audio is designed to release old patterns, outdated rules and assumptions from external authority figures. 
This experience will bring your inner child, teenager, young adult and your current, grown up self together for healing, building trust and respect and establishing yourself as your own authority for your self.

You can listen to this once or many times.
The process and words are intentionally  general.
You may find you experience them slightly differently each time.

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Option A: personalized journey. You provide information on a questionnaire and receive a customized recording of a One Command Session specific to your issue and goals. Regularly $65 you pay only $32.50
Option B: A  Private Coaching Session (by phone or Zoom video call) where we clarify the changes you really want to make and the places you are getting stuck.  We'll go through a laser focused One Command journey based on this session and you will receive a recording to keep and use as often as you want.
Regularly $150  You pay only $75.

What else is possible?
Miché Meizner
Certified One Command Practitioner
Certified Life Coaching to increase
self-love and superpowers.

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