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As a life coach and energy worker I love teaching SpoonBending as an example of how powerfully and fundamentally our thoughts and beliefs influence our abilities, as well as our environment. SpoonBending gives you direct tangible evidence that we are capable of so much more than we ordinarily think we are.
By simply shifting our focus, our attention and intention we are suddenly able to do something that just moments before seemed impossible. It’s also a great opportunity to notice how we get in our own way. Which is why I am now offering live online trainings which include personalized coaching to help get you out of your own way and take your super powers to the next level.  
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“Miché is a warm and engaging teacher who makes learning accessible and enjoyable. In the workshop I took with her, I felt comfortable asking questions and sharing both my successes and frustrations. What I really appreciated about Miché’s approach was the underlying meaning of what we were learning. In my case, it wasn’t just about how to bend spoons, but how we could take that knowledge and experience and use it in the rest of our lives to live more deeply and confidently.”

Joanna Bartlett

Reverend and Spiritualist Medium

“I’ve done some amazing things in my life including walking on fire, but I consider spoonbending  the MOST amazing, astonishing, transformational thing I’ve ever done – probably because it happened right in my own hands AND completely defies the laws of science as we know them.”

Lorna Sophia

“Law of Attraction for the Stuck, Frustrated and Confused™”

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