In this video I explain three super simple tips you can use right away
to live a happier life, feel better about yourself and show up as the person you are truly meant to be.
If you get really good at it (and it isn’t very hard) you might just start whistling or smiling more than usual and who knows where that might lead.

The only real requirement – You’ve got to want to.

Seriously if you’re going about your day and your inner critic jumps up and smacks you in the forehead,
or you’re walking down the aisle with your shopping cart and list and you suddenly realize:
You left the house with your cranky pants on!

The solution is as simple as a shift in attitude.  It will work. But you’ve actually got to be willing to let go of the mood or the judgement and even your inner critic’s righteousness that makes you feel like you ought to be mad or cranky or hard on yourself in the first place.  

You’ve probably heard the joke -How many transformational life-coaches does it take to change a lightbulb?

Only one but it’s really got to want to change.
Of course, in this case it is really the lightbulb that changes itself.
it is good to have some help though.

I’d love to hear what you think of this video and whether you have any lightbulbs go off for you 
as you watch,
Inspirational Humorist, Coach and SpoonBender
Inviting Change,

Inspiring Happiness