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Who is miche2
Miché is a deeply empathic coach and teacher whose mission is to help others overcome self-judgement and see that the very things that make them feel different and perhaps like a misfit are their own unique superpowers.
She loves to teach people of all ages how to bend spoons because not only is it very ninja, it is also surprisingly simple and  you can take what have learned about how to bend a spoon  transfer that knowledge to “bending” your life.



About her name, Miché
While Chanting a Tibetan Compassion Practice one word caught her attention.

Pronounced mee-chay  it means “big sky mind.”

10 years later her name still serves as a good reminder and flummoxes many, including her mother as to how to pronounce it. She doesn’t take that personally, which is part of the practice to keep refocusing on the sky and not take the weather quite so seriously.



Where is Miché??





Skype: micheshines


Phone:  (541) 206-3768


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